The oral irrigator is a great additional dental and interdental care product that is worth having for anyone who seeks perfect oral hygiene.

What is an irrigator?

An oral irrigator is a device for teeth that cleanses the gums and interdental spaces by spraying a narrow, strong stream of high-pressure water. This removes all plaque, food debris and bacteria that are usually invisible to the naked eye and cause tooth decay and other gum diseases.

Will restore dental floss

Cleaning your interdental teeth with an irrigator is just as important as brushing your teeth with a regular toothbrush. Using an irrigator you will clean your interdentals much faster than using regular interdental floss.

For wearing braces

Irrigators are also an indispensable tool for those wearing braces, as they are very difficult to clean well with just a toothbrush. Residues accumulate between the braces and the interdental spaces, creating an excellent medium for bacteria to multiply. Irrigator help prevent this.

Oral hygiene

With all our irrigators, you’ll also find a tip for cleaning your tongue, which is just as important, and how often we forget it.

For healthy teeth

Interdental irrigators were invented many years ago, but for a long time they were used only in dental offices. They are now available to everyone to make visits to dentists less and less frequent. Irrigators are the best investment in healthy teeth. They are for anyone who seeks perfect oral hygiene.

How to choose an irrigator?

Irrigators are of two types – fixed and wireless. Both types are small and easy to use. The essence of their operation is the same, only the size of the water tank differs, water resistance, pressure regimes, loading.

Stationary irrigators

Although the stationary irrigators take up a little more space in the bath, they hold more water – up to 1000 ml, which means that the water tank needs to be filled less often, which allows you to clean all the interdental spaces perfectly at once. Stationary irrigators as well easier to use for the whole family, they have more pressure settings. They are not water resistant.

Wireless irrigators

Wireless irrigators are small, portable, fast to charge, and not limited by wires. They are lightweight, fit in the palm of your hand, easy to use and take up little space in the bathroom. These irrigators can also be used in the shower as they are water and moisture resistant. Available for travel. The water capacity of the wireless irrigators is up to 200 ml. Recommended for 1-2 people.

How to use the irrigator?

The irrigator is extremely easy and convenient to use. Irigators works on the principle of water flow, thus cleaning teeth and interdental spaces. Vthe most inaccessible areas of the oral cavity are reached during oiling, where the greatest amounts of plaque accumulate, which are completely invisible at first sight. Each device has different nozzles. Irrigators used daily. You should first clean your interdental spaces thoroughly with an irrigator and then brush your teeth with a toothbrush. It will take about a minute to clean your interdental teeth with an irrigator. Place the desired nozzle in the irrigator holder, fill the water tank with water (we do not recommend pouring any other liquid). Then turn on the irrigator and direct the stream of water to the interdental space. Adjust the pressure with the buttons or knob provided, depending on which irrigator you have. When cleaning your interdental spaces with an irrigator, stand over the sink and run a little to allow water to flow from your mouth to the sink.

Why buy an irrigator?

Dental irrigator it is not as expensive and costly as it may seem at first glance. It is a great investment in healthy dental hygiene as visits to dentists become less and less frequent. You will find a wide selection of irrigators at different prices

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