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Waterpulse V500 – This irrigator is designed to remove various plaque and food debris in hard-to-reach places – between the teeth, under the gums, on dental plates or braces. By spraying a narrow, high-pressure water stream, the irrigator effectively cleans every cavity in the mouth that the toothbrush does not always reach. Clean interdental teeth, healthy gums. By spraying a narrow, high-pressure water stream, the Waterpulse V500 also helps restore natural tooth whiteness by removing accumulated plaque. The irrigator has 4 separate nozzles, so the irrigator will be available for the whole family.

• Small, wireless – easy to use and travel
• 3 spray modes
• 60-120 PSI water pressure
• 200ml water capacity
• You will find 4 pcs in the set. different nozzles
• The product has a 2-year warranty.

Additional Waterpulse Irrigation Tips are available here:
1) Nozzles separately 1 pc.
2) Set: box + 5 pcs. nozzles

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Waterpulse V500 Irrigator Features:

1. Waterpulse V500 is a high-performance dental and gum hygiene product. The irrigator is stationary and provides a strong water spray pressure of 60-120 PSI. The irrigator will help clean each interdental space the way you would not do with any traditional floss. The irrigator will help remove stains and any food residue that is usually invisible to the naked eye. The irrigator will help restore oral hygiene and improve oral breath.
2. Three cleaning modes and massage function – you can set different spray levels by adjusting the pressures:
• Soft pressure (for those with sensitive gums)
Standard pressure (maximum cleanliness, suitable for most people)
• Strong pressure (for deep oral hygiene and maximum cleanliness)

3. Automatic pressure memory: Waterpulse V500 can remember your favorite pressure mode
4. Fast charging – up to 4 hours.

Important: Only switch on the appliance when the nozzle is inserted. Do not immerse the appliance in water.

How to use it?

1. Insert the tip into the irrigator holder
2. Fill the water tank
3. Press the circle button to turn the device on or off
4. Press and hold the M button for 3 seconds to enter the massage mode
5. Press the “M” button to also adjust the pressure

In the kits you will find:

1. Waterpulse V500 Irrigator
2. 2 pcs. standard nozzles that deeply clean between the teeth and massage the gums
3. 1 pc. a tongue cleaner that removes bad breath bacteria
4. 1 pc. the nozzle for implants – extremely good interdental cleaning
5. Charger
6. Instruction


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Dimensions 14 × 9 × 24 cm


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